Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kabalite Warrior Test Scheme #2

So, this is more or less the same scheme as the first one, actually. I just adjusted the highlights (still quick&dirty, I don't want to spend too much time on a test model - seeing the picture now, I realized I even forgot the properly highlight the boots) and shading to make the model more contrasted. And of course, this time even though the lightning still sucks I did a proper white balancing and used a real camera and not just my phone :-)

Is it better ? worse? Tell me what you think. I still want to test other completely different schemes, but I kinda like this one.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kabalite Warrior Test Scheme #1

Finally some painting :-)

Testing the waters, I have a bunch of extra warriors & wyches from the various vehicules (still need to post some pics of how I magnetized/converted the Venoms btw) that I'll be used to test various paint schemes.

Here is the first test. Painting was very quickly, just as a proof of concept.

Primed black, and then:
  • Bodysuit is Charadon Granite with a watered Badab Black wash, some Codex Grey added in the mix for some blending (which you can't really see on the picture)
  • Armor is the same, but with a less watered wash. Codex Grey edge highlighting.
  • Cloth is Mechrite Red, then Blood Red, Devlan Mud wash, Blazing Orange highlights
  • Eyes, gems are, IIRC, Dark Angels Green, then Goblin Green, then Scorpion Green touch.
  • Silver parts are Boltgun Metal, washed with Badab Black, Chainmail highlights
It's very very simple, and I think it works nicely. Still, will be testing different schemes in the coming weeks.