Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kabalite Warrior Test Scheme #1

Finally some painting :-)

Testing the waters, I have a bunch of extra warriors & wyches from the various vehicules (still need to post some pics of how I magnetized/converted the Venoms btw) that I'll be used to test various paint schemes.

Here is the first test. Painting was very quickly, just as a proof of concept.

Primed black, and then:
  • Bodysuit is Charadon Granite with a watered Badab Black wash, some Codex Grey added in the mix for some blending (which you can't really see on the picture)
  • Armor is the same, but with a less watered wash. Codex Grey edge highlighting.
  • Cloth is Mechrite Red, then Blood Red, Devlan Mud wash, Blazing Orange highlights
  • Eyes, gems are, IIRC, Dark Angels Green, then Goblin Green, then Scorpion Green touch.
  • Silver parts are Boltgun Metal, washed with Badab Black, Chainmail highlights
It's very very simple, and I think it works nicely. Still, will be testing different schemes in the coming weeks.


  1. Finally some paint!

    I like the scheme, looks good.
    Maybe 1 more wash on the fabric.

  2. Thanks for the comment. When I start painting "real" models I'll definitely improve the highlights & shading, I really did the test in a hurry so it's not really good.

  3. Well it's just black basically.. With unfitting 'pink' (how did you got pink from red and orange?!). It definitely needs a contrasting second colour on the body. Looks unfinished.

  4. Anonymous: the "pink" is caused by the lightning, I had not noticed it initially but it's just the picture, it's really red/orange in reality.

    The armor is meant to be dark, with some gray/white highlights, I don't want to go for the Tron-like look everyone is doing. Like I said in my previous comment, it needs some improvements, but the bad picture quality doesn't help, all the colors are messed up.

  5. You don't have to put the contrast on the armour. The bodysuit is perfect to be the contrasting part. Right now it has two problems:
    1. Monocolour
    2. It's just black: looks primed + details like eyes etc. From the tabletop you will see nothing more.
    Sorry for the critical approach. I just want to help and love both your blog and the Dark Eldar.

  6. Criticism is good, as long as it's detailed :) I went back to the model and reworked bodysuit and armor.

    No picture yet, but the colors are now:
    - Bodysuit Charadon Granite with Badab Black wash x 3
    - Armor Chaos Black with Codex Grey and then Fortress Grey highlights

    The 2 are still very similar, but the highlights on the armor are a little more extreme (maybe too much) and help add contrast.

    I'll post a new pic soon with a better lightning.