Tuesday, March 29, 2011


More unpainted stuff! This time Reavers. I love those guys, and even though I'll probably always run the trusted 6 Jetbikes with 2 Heat Lances setup, I magnetized all the options. Here are the pics:

 A standard bike...

 ... which can be changed to an Arena Champion with Agonizer! (Arm, Head, Jetbike fin are magnetized)

I also converted the bikes with the special weapons. I wanted them to look more aggressive, but also to have an easier way to distinguish them from the others while they were not painted (the gun isn't easy to spot from a player's view). So I added some extra blades :

Note the extra magnet at the bottom of this last pic. It's for the Cluster Caltrops or Grav-Talon upgrade, which I didn't take a pic of. On the 3 other bikes I magnetized I hid the magnet a little more, this one was my prototype.

Bonus pic: the weapons rack, featuring blasters and splinter rifles :)

And of course, the flight stands were magnetized as well. This time, I kept the new ball stand, I just cut/filed one half of the ball and glued the magnet. This way I can keep the cool & weird angles while still using magnets for easier storage/transport.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A simple Archon conversion

A pretty simple conversion again. I changed my mind a few times with him: I originally built the Archon with just the Agoniser, Blast Pistol and Phantasm Grenade Launcher, and then decided to magnetize the PGL and the pistol.

This morning while looking in my bitz box to see if I had something interesting to make a Klaivex for the Incubi I had just received, I found this serpent-looking thing, which is an instrument for the Dark Elf Corsairs musician. A few minutes later, a new Archon was born :) I had to glue the PGL to make it work, and in a weird way, but I kinda like it. It goes very well with the Duke conversion, so I can say he's part of the Duke's pirate force and play him when I'm tired to the Baron or the Duke as HQs.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Converted trueborn squad with blasters

It seems no Dark Eldar army isn't complete without its 3-men blaster squads... I've made 2 squads of them, each with 3 blasters.

Conversion-wise, it was pretty straightforward:
  • Helmets are from the Wyches and the Reavers sprues
  • Blades from Dark Eldar Corsairs weapons were added to their backs (one squad with the larger one on the right, one squad with the larger one on the left)
  • Blasters were made from shredders and disintegrators. Here are the instructions I posted on Warseer to make them a couple months ago (using the terms from the weapon pictures in the codex):
    • Cut the disintegrator "disperser muzzle"
    • Cut the shredder "ammunition pack"
    • Cut the shredder's end after the "compression barrel"
    • Glue the disintegrator's disperser muzzle to the shredder's end
    • Bonus: Cut the "gyro-pod" of the diintegrator and glue it where you removed the shredder "ammunition pack"
  • You may also notice the trueborn in the middle has a non-standard pose. It's actually a hanger from the Ravager kit: since every Ravager comes with the 3 normal hangers, I've got quite a few extra warrior bodies ; in fact, between the Ravagers and Raiders, I've built a total of 10 extra warriors/trueborns, while still having enough hangers to represent the unit inside each transport!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Storing the Ravager and Raider

Just a quick separate pic to show how I'm storing my magnetized Ravager and Raider. The foam is a V2H tray from Kr Multicase, and you can fit 4 of them in one of their card cases.

As you can see, it's a tight fit (there is some room for optimization still) but I can have 2 Ravagers/Raiders in one tray. Since I have 4 Raiders and 3 Ravagers that even leaves some empty space that I'm reserving for 2 Venoms later, when GW releases the model (hopefully it will be small enough to fit).

Magnetized Ravager

Here are the ravager pics. Well, the only interesting ones really, since the rest is just the same as the raider. The top and bottom of the gunner are magnetized, and everything just falls into place very well. Again, I glued the gun and will eventually magnetize the barrel end if I ever decide to field disintegrators. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magnetized Raider

I'm a big magnets fan. For two reasons: one, keeping everything as WYSIWYG as possible, and two, make transportation and storage easier. So of course I had to magnetize the Dark Eldar Raider. Here are the pics:

Raider side view, note the magnet instead of the spike on the far right. Half of the little holes where the spikes go have been replaced with 2mm magnets to attach hangers or torment grenade launchers. You may also notice the lack of banner and extra spears with trophies: I don't intend to use the former at all (Don't like the look), and I'll magnetize the latter to represent Grisly Trophies in the future.

Close up on the 2 front hangers. This is a wyches' Raider, so I've used the normal Warrior hangers but gave them close combat weapons, spears etc. They all have one feet in contact with a magnet, and their hanging arm was repositioned to accommodate this change from the default position.

A naked Raider with every magnetized part removed.

And the parts in question. Note that the gunner is glued to its gun, because I don't intend to run Disintegrator Raiders at the moment. If I ever need to, I'll just cut the gun before the end of the barrel and magnetize the two different barrels.

Alternative front gunner using one of the hangers legs (I had tons of them since every ravager comes with the 3 hangers too!) instead of the normal static one. I like this pose a lot!

View from the underside. A big 6mm magnet sits where the stand goes.

The (dirty :) flight stand. The magnet is a ring, 6mm diameter with a 2mm hole, it fits perfectly in the old flight stands, or in the new ones with a little bit of hobby knife work. I really wanted a ring there to make sure the magnet wouldn't go off even if the stand fell or something.

And that's it! I'll try to post the Ravager and transport foam pics tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Duke Sliscus Trueborn squad conversions

I originally wasn't sure if I would made Duke Sliscus alone or with some bodyguard unit, but I had some trouble finding a bits site that had one corsair cloak in stock and that wasn't too expensive. So I got a whole box, and well, I had to use the remaining cloaks!

Only made one picture since it's still a work in progress, but I'm pretty happy with the result so far. Their splinter rifles were shortened to make shardcarbines and I couldn't decide whether to keep their backpacks or not, so I made some without and some with. Both approaches needed some cutting around and greenstuffing to compensate, in the end it's not very clean work but it should look a little better with some paint on it.