Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Storing the Ravager and Raider

Just a quick separate pic to show how I'm storing my magnetized Ravager and Raider. The foam is a V2H tray from Kr Multicase, and you can fit 4 of them in one of their card cases.

As you can see, it's a tight fit (there is some room for optimization still) but I can have 2 Ravagers/Raiders in one tray. Since I have 4 Raiders and 3 Ravagers that even leaves some empty space that I'm reserving for 2 Venoms later, when GW releases the model (hopefully it will be small enough to fit).


  1. So I am very curious about the color of your models. Did you use the army painter bone or desert yellow primer. I used bone on mine since I wanted to go with a desert theme Dark eldar. I got frustrated with it and went black and red instead on my first test model, but my buddy shamed me into trying for the desert scheme again.

    Anyhoo I was just curious is all.

  2. Actually... Nothing is painted yet. Not even primed :-)

    Still waiting to finish painting the "core" of my other army (Blood Angels) before beginning this one.