Saturday, March 19, 2011

Converted trueborn squad with blasters

It seems no Dark Eldar army isn't complete without its 3-men blaster squads... I've made 2 squads of them, each with 3 blasters.

Conversion-wise, it was pretty straightforward:
  • Helmets are from the Wyches and the Reavers sprues
  • Blades from Dark Eldar Corsairs weapons were added to their backs (one squad with the larger one on the right, one squad with the larger one on the left)
  • Blasters were made from shredders and disintegrators. Here are the instructions I posted on Warseer to make them a couple months ago (using the terms from the weapon pictures in the codex):
    • Cut the disintegrator "disperser muzzle"
    • Cut the shredder "ammunition pack"
    • Cut the shredder's end after the "compression barrel"
    • Glue the disintegrator's disperser muzzle to the shredder's end
    • Bonus: Cut the "gyro-pod" of the diintegrator and glue it where you removed the shredder "ammunition pack"
  • You may also notice the trueborn in the middle has a non-standard pose. It's actually a hanger from the Ravager kit: since every Ravager comes with the 3 normal hangers, I've got quite a few extra warrior bodies ; in fact, between the Ravagers and Raiders, I've built a total of 10 extra warriors/trueborns, while still having enough hangers to represent the unit inside each transport!

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  1. I really dig these Trueborn. They certainly have a unique feel to them.